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The internet was made to be a universal platform of interaction. However, language has been a strong barrier in making that possible. But with the advancements in technology, websites are now global. Anything you publish on the web can easily be read from anywhere worldwide. This opens the market for global business. Sellers from India are getting buyers from Spain. Now, everyone is capable of making sales from one part of the world to another. All of this was made possible, thanks to WordPress translation plugins.

In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can easily translate your website, cater to a global audience, and earn more profit – all from the comfort of your home. 

Statistics: Why is it Important to Have Your Website Translated?

Abolishing the language barrier is very important for the growth of an international business. No one has the time to use online translations services, to change the text and get the idea behind it. Hence, statistically shown:

  • No language is global, not even English.
  • The top four internet languages include English, Chinese, French, Spanish.
  • People prefer to shop in their native language, and they are thrilled when the website translates into their language hence, giving a more satisfying customer experience.
  • Google translate has made it easier for anyone to visit any website and read the information available on it.

Why Translate Your Website With WordPress Translation Plugin?

The reasons for translating your website with WordPress Translation Plugin are apparent. To expand your business and level it up to “UNIVERSAL,” your services should be understandable by the foreign audience, which is only possible with WordPress translation Plugins. Here are a few other reasons why you should be translating your website.

  1. Enhance Your Addressable Market: The more people see your product, the better chances you have of selling it in the global market.
  1. Increase Your Website Traffic: With the increased variety of translations on your website, more people will likely visit it from their language-centric search queries.
  1. Improve Your Conversion Ratio: When people buy your products from different parts of the world, they are likely to easily increase your site’s conversion ratio.

How To Translate Your Website using WordPress Translate Plugin?

WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform. WordPress based websites are easier to manage, hassle-free to maintain, don’t require dedicated developers, and are a great way to launch an online business. 

There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins, making it easier for anyone to launch and scale their digital business without using much elbow grease. These also include WordPress translate plugins that can easily make your website multilingual with only a few clicks. 

One such hassle-free plugin option is Weglot. Let us tell you why we support the professional translation services of the “Weglot WordPress translate plugin.”

Why Weglot?

Weglot is one of the most accessible WordPress translation plugins available for CMS websites. Website administrators can add it to their site with just a single click and add translations to their required languages. Since the plugin is entirely click-and-add, there is no coding required.

Weglot has also invested over €450,000. This means they have the budget for a robust support infrastructure, and offers everything that users need, to expand their businesses. As a result, Weglot multilingual plugin now has an active community. This is evidence of Weglot being a great user-friendly plugin.

Why Use Weglot WordPress Translation Plugin?

1- User Experience:

Weglot allows users to effortlessly translate their websites while keeping the user’s experience in focus. Unlike the other plugins that use Google translate for website translations, Weglot offers two-way translation options. Either you can use Google translate to create pages on your website. You can also do the manual translation by adding the relevant verses to your store that does the job.

2- Multilingual SEO Support:

There is also an option of multilingual SEO available in Weglot that lets people easily create translated copies of their posts and pages. They can then use these posts and pages to index content on relevant searches for WordPress and WooCommerce. The multilingual SEO pages are great for anyone who wants to get traffic from organic search for other languages apart from the English. This way, they will be able to index sites on Google English along with Google Spanish, Google french, and other localized search engine domains.

Features of Weglot Plugin

Here are some remarkable features of the Weglot translation plugin that can help you rank your website higher in SERPs on localized language.

1- Content Detection:

Weglot can easily detect content available on a website. It can use this content to create translations. For example, if your website is in English and a person is visiting from a non-English speaking country like Spain, it will show them the Spanish version of the website. You won’t have to do anything as all this will be done automatically.

2- In-Context Editor:

Weglot offers in-context editing that allows you to edit the translated content on a page using WYSIWYG editor. We will show you how this is done during the installation process.

In-context editing is essential when a word has double meanings, and you want the visitor to read the correct intent of the word. 

3- Human Translation:

Unlike other google translation plugins, Weglot has an entire team of translators that do the translations. So, the translation quality you get from Weglot is automatically going to be better and error-free.

You can even hire Weglot premium service to let its team manually translate your website content. Currently, the Weglot plugin has a free version available.

4- Access to Professional Translators:

As we discussed, you can hire professional content writers for your business translations. This is a premium service offered by Weglot. The translators will work on your project just like they are part of your team. Weglot ensures that a team of native language experts professionally writes all translated content on your website.

5- Localized Experience:

People want to purchase products and services in their local language. Think about how many customers you are losing when you are not offering a localized experience to the visitors? This is a problem that Weglot solves. The plugin lets you easily create localized experiences for users and make them convert faster.

Installation of Weglot Plugin

Now that you are familiar with Weglot for making a multilingual website, let’s learn step-by-step how to install the Weglot plugin on your website.

Step 1: Login WordPress Admin Dashboard

First of all, you need to login to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Step 2: Installing Weglot WordPress Translate Plugin

Next, install the Weglot plugin on your WordPress website using the Plugins > Add a new plugin.

Press the ‘Install’ button on Weglot to install it on your website. Next, the top right box would say “Activate,” and you click that to get the program running. 

The plugin is now successfully installed on your website. It appears on the WordPress dashboard. Now let’s move to the next step.

Step 3: Get API from Weglot Website

Next, you have to get the Weglot API from the website. We are using a free trial version here, so the API will have limited features. 

So, first of all, go to the Weglot website and start your free trial.

Next, you will have to sign up with your email address and password.

Then, you get the verification link via email.

Once you sign up with the verification link, you will get the verified message. Now your Weglot installation is active. 

Get Going with a New Project:

To do this, create a new project and install it on your website. Add your project name and select website technology (WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Bigcommerce, etc.).

In my case, I will choose WordPress and click on the “Next” button.

Our installation is complete. We now have the API available.

Now, you need to add this API key to your WordPress Weglot plugin installation.

The panel shown above will open up with your API key. You can translate to your desired language. However, in the free plan, only one destination language is available for translation.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a new language translation to your website. Now you have a fully multilingual website thanks to Weglot WordPress Translate Plugin.

Now when we head to the home page, we will see the language switcher option available. 

We can translate websites from English to Spanish and vice versa with just a single click.

More Translation Options in Weglot:

Let’s come back to the website installation. You will now see that there are other options unlocked. You can set the “auto redirection” so that visitors coming to your website see the page they want to see. 

For example, if visitors are coming from Spain, they will see the Spanish version of the website instead of English. This would surely increase your site conversions and improve the overall visitor’s experience.

Changing Website Language URL 

When you add a new website to the list, your site URL also adds a localized directory of that language. For Spanish, you will get the “es” directory automatically created. 

Example: >

Similarly, you can have “de” for German, “fr” for French, and likewise.

This will be the page where all the website traffic is directed to when people look up this website from that specific country – in our case; this is Spain.

You can also edit your website translations in the Weglot dashboard. Just go to the Weglot website and enter your dashboard. There, you will see all the pages that are automatically translated. If you want to make any changes to those pages, then that is possible in the following way:

Click on the “Total translated words.”

It will open an editable tab where you can edit all your website translations.

Manage Website Exclusions

If you don’t want a website page to be translated automatically, you can exclude it from your site translations.

Go to Weglot website dashboard > Settings > Translation Exclusions

You can also do the same by going to Plugin > Weglot > Translation Exclusions

The Weglot plugin will work on posts, pages, and custom post types unless you explicitly put them in the site exclusion list.

Why Is Weglot Better Than Other Translation Plugins?

There are several other translation plugins, but the variety that Weglot offers can not be found anywhere else. While other translation services may have limited features and a higher price tag, Weglot provides a better UI and a whole lot of other options. For example, Lingotek has a lousy UI. It also is hard to manage because of complicated controls, while Weglot offers a smooth user experience.

Why prefer Weglot WordPress Translation Plugin?

If you are not interested in manual translation for your WordPress website, then Weglot is one of the best WordPress multilingual translation plugins available in the market. 

It offers automatic translations to different languages and works like a charm. Whether you have one website or hundreds of them, your one-stop solution for an effective multilingual translation plugin is the Weglot language translator.


With this article, I aimed to tell how Weglot is one of the best translation plugins available and do a tutorial on how to translate your website using the Weglot WordPress translate plugin, and I am sure I did justice to it.

 Drop any further queries in the comments section below.

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