10 Inspirations for Your Next WordPress Blog Post

It is not easy coming up with a blog post idea that could be considered trend-worthy or achieve a top search engine ranking, even if you had a WordPress blog site. You need to commit yourself to hours of research on topics surrounding your niche. The problem with this method is that it could take some time to know what your audience really wants. 

Fortunately, I have procured a list of some of the common spots where most bloggers get inspiration for their latest blog. The most important thing is to focus on writing content that is trending, which is what online users are talking about the most. But it’s also important to use evergreen content. To show you where to find topics you can write on, just consider the following sources for inspiration:


Hashtags are very useful in helping you look for popular trends about what people are talking about today. The best tools that you can use to monitor hashtags are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as other tools for social networking. 

Search for hashtags on the topics that you are writing about. For example, if you’re writing on WordPress Tutorials, then you should search on that. See if what you find on any of the popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is something that relates to your niche and that you can share with your readers. 

The problem with Twitter however, is that its results are location-based rather than topic-based. If you really want more appropriate results, then you can use the website Ritetag to probe popular or trending hashtags. Once you enter a topic into it, it will send you an email alert if there are any trending hashtags.  hour. 

Research Your Competitors

Follow what your competitors are talking about on social media with their readers and followers. Use this opportunity to find out about the topics, tips and links that your rivals are sharing with their followers. That way, you too can get some insight on how you can write topics for your readers and share relevant information with them. 

If you want, you can make your own list of the top 10 influencers on Twitter. Simply log into your Twitter account, click on your profile pic and in the dropdown menu, select and click ‘Lists’. Click on ‘Create New List’, give your list a name, select ‘Save list’ and then use the search field to look for your top 10 influencers. 

Once this is done, you can check to see what topics your competitors are writing on once a day. Other than that, you can use Feedly

Google Trends

Keywords are another great way to hunt for topics that have a long-term interest among users from all around the world. And the most efficient tool for the job is none other than Google Trends. This tool works very much like the search function of Google in which you can easily find trends relating to your niche topics. 

You can view the data on Google Trends either by topic, keyword, location or country. You will be provided with top search results and queries surrounding your niche. In the end, it is up to you if the search result is relevant to the topic to the blog post that you want to write on. 


Quora is an question-and-answer website in which users everywhere post questions on any topic they feel like. This website is an excellent source to find blog topics around your niche. All you have to do is simply sign up and follow all the relevant topics based on your blog’s niche. You can also set up email updates that focus on question and answers regarding your interests. 

Following questions is better because plenty of users provide information based on their understanding. By answering questions, you will also get valuable insights about the topics you are supposed to write on. 

Update Old Blog Posts

If it has been months or years since your last blog post, then it would be time to update it with fresh content, like when you apply a fresh coat of paint on your house. Update the videos, infographics, statistics and other facts that are relevant with present times. This method is used to repost evergreen content for new audiences or make the less popular posts some notice. 

Google Alerts

Somewhere out there, the most trending WordPress and blogging topics are being published and shared and you don’t know about it. But Google Alerts can definitely give you the upper hand that you need. The tool can help you set up alerts for articles that contain specific keywords based on your niche. 

Once you have configured the settings, you will then receive emails that contain links to the new articles that Google finds regarding the niche-specific keywords. 

Blog Comments

Blog comments serve as an optimal source for user feedback regarding a certain blog post title. Sometimes, users feel the need to ask questions such as why a blog post didn’t go into deeper detail or mention a certain piece of information that you know of. 

Consider this to be another form of Quora research where you exchange ideas, opinions, and other facts with other WordPress users. If you want inspiration for the most trending WordPress blog posts, then you have to monitor the most recent blog comments. 


Reddit is another wonderful source for you to be hunting blog topics. Look for the topics that are relevant with your blog niche and monitor the most popular comments from the users of those topics. The one interesting thing about Reddit is that users can make detailed responses as well as add interesting links as references. 

Reddit is also a great place to post questions and answers, which can serve as an excellent fuel for blog post ideas that intrigue your target audience. 


Due to Google no longer allowing keyword data for organic search traffic, you won’t be able to find the right kinds of keywords for your blog posts. However, the Google Analytics tool can provide you with some specific keywords from other search engines such as Bing. 

GA will monitor your website’s analytics and identify all of the keywords can be used by users to find your blog site. You will especially notice search queries popping up, more specifically about topics that are trending. 

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console can be used to monitor keywords that your website is searched for, as well as the number of clicks that those keywords have garnered. The more number of clicks and impressions those keywords have, the higher their demand will be. 

Clicking on individual queries for those keywords will allow you to view their clicks and impressions. If your target keywords have a higher number of impressions on them, then it means that readers want a lot of information based on those keywords. 


I hope these are more than enough to get you out of your writer’s slump and back to blog posting very soon. It may take time, but the results from implementing the above-mentioned inspirations will be worth it. Still, if there is anything that you would like to add further, let me read them in the comments below. 

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