10 Top WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugins

WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugins

WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin is a great way to increase the user  experience on your site. 

When you set up your shop or product page on your WooCommerce website, you’ll  find that the product page is not attractive to appeal to visitors. 

But you need to attract the visual senses of your customers to make them purchase  something.  

That’s one of the primary reasons you need a Variation Swatches plugin. It helps to  give your WooCommerce store the missing edge. 

In this article, we have top Variation Swatches plugins for WooCommerce that you  can use for your online store. 

1. Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

The first and the most popular plugin that we have on our list is Variation Swatches  for WooCommerce by GetWooPlugins.  

It is the most popular attribute variation swatches plugin in the WordPress plugin  directory. The plugin has more than 100K+ active installations and has more than  340+ five star ratings.  

With the help of this plugin, you can display the product variations in the form of  color, button, radio buttons, and image swatches.  

The plugin helps you to enable variation swatches in the product page and archive  page on your store. That lets users quickly check which product options are  available. 

The tooltip feature lets users hover on the variation swatch and get a quick preview  of the product. You can also have the option to display a text tooltip apart from an  image tooltip.

The dual-color variation swatches of this plugin is a great feature. You can display  dual colors in a single variation with this feature.

A quick rundown of the different features available in this swatches plugin: 

  • Supports multiple languages. 
  • Compatible with major themes and plugins. 
  • Convert button swatches to a dropdown menu. 
  • By default, auto converts all variation drop-down to button swatch. ∙ Enable Color and Image 

Swatches for attribute product variation. ∙ Enable label/text/button swatches for attribute product variation. ∙ Globally select Squared and Rounded variation swatches shape. ∙ Cross signs for Out of Stock variation swatches (up to 30 variations). 

WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin comes with everything you would need to  display variation swatches for your WoooCommerce store.  

This is currently the best swatches plugin available in the market. You can download  the free version from the WordPress repository.  

Note that, the free version has limited features. However, to get access to all its  features you need to purchase a license key from their official site. 

2. Smart Variation Swatches for WooCommerce 

If you want to provide more options to your customers to display the product  updates with swatches, then this plugin is very handy. The Smart Variation for  WooCommerce will be the right choice for you. 

This plugin enables to add default color, image, or mark to each element in an  attribute management page with a friendly interface. Also, it allows you to arrange  swatches to act as outlined by the unavailability and limited stock option.

Some useful features provided with this plugin: 

  • The plugin is completely integrated with WooCommerce. 
  • Create attribute images and color swatches. 
  • Create attribute text or label swatches. 
  • On the product editing page, build a new attribute swatch. 
  • Convert label swatches by default automatically. 

Smart Swatches for WooCommerce plugin offers more choices to show product  variations. It offers to show variable product variations in a far better way.  

3. XT WooCommerce Variation Swatches 

You can upgrade the WooCommerce default dropdown to swatches by using the XT  WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin.  

It helps to generate the WooCommerce plugin to create color and image swatches to  show the available product variations. The plugin offers to display product variable  attributes like color, sizes, and styles at no extra cost.

Some features of this plugin include: 

  • Select attribute type to label, image, and color. 
  • Live preview customizer. 
  • Supports attribute quick edit. 
  • Enable to customize the swatch style. 
  • Convert dropdown to label swatch. 

XT Woo Variation Swatches for WooCommerce allows the color, image, and label  attributes in the single WooCommerce product page. The plugin has a few more  effective features as available. 

4. GS Variation Swatches for WooCommerce 

If you want an easy to use WooCommerce product variation swatches plugin, Then  GS WooCommerce Variation Swatches is for you. The plugin offers an aesthetic and  professional experience to select attributes for variation products.

With the help of this powerful WooCommerce plugin, you can show product  variation items in images, label, and colors 

Some features of this plugin: 

  • Work on variable product quick view. 
  • Completely integrated with WooCommerce plugin. 
  • Enable attributes into image and color swatches. 
  • Enable attribute into button swatches 

The plugin helps you to display the product variations more elegantly on your  online shop. Moreover, customers will be able to select the product within the  variations. 

5. Color and Image Swatches for Variable Product Attributes 

This plugin is an invaluable swatches plugin for WooCommerce. Color and Image  Swatches for Variable Product Attributes plugin is easy to use.

Moreover, you can change the swatch shape style like rounded and squared swatch  style. It allows you to create unlimited swatches. 

Some exciting feature of this plugin: 

  • Option to create unlimited color swatches 
  • New option to create image swatches 
  • Compatible with their support ticket system. 
  • New option to set swatch style as Square or Circle. 

Color and image Swatches plugin offers you to add extra features to your  WooCommerce store. You can easily replace the drop-down fields with color and  image swatches. 

6. MAS Variation Swatches for WooCommerce 

The MAS Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin will replace dropdown fields  on your variable products with label, color, image swatches.

Features provided with this plugin: 

  • Manage attributes globally. 
  • Enable attribute text or label swatches. 
  • Create attribute color swatches. 
  • Create attribute image swatches. 
  • New attribute swatch on the product editing page. 

The plugin helps to show extra features while maintaining the usual WooCommerce  style preserved. You can display your product types as colors, images, buttons, etc. 

7. WooCommerce Variation Swatches 

This WooCommerce plugin will allow you to display product variation with a  beautiful label, color, and image swatches for your variable product.  

It’s an exciting extension for variation swatches. The plugin allows you to change the  default dropdown menu for variable products offered by WooCommerce.

Some useful features of this Variation Swatches plugin: 

  • Add color swatches for color attributes. 
  • Add image swatches for image attributes. 
  • Numerous terms under each attribute. 
  • Convert default dropdown to clickable swatches 

You can increase your productivity with the help of this WooCommerce plugin.  Customers will be able to select their desired product easily and instantly.  

8. WooCommerce Variation Swatches for Products 

WooCommerce Variation Swatches for Products plugin gives a considerably more  pleasant approach to show varieties of variable items. The plugin help generating  color and image swatches to show the available product variations.

Some useful features of this plugin: 

  • Enable attribute image swatches. 
  • Create attribute color swatches. 
  • Fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. 
  • Create attribute labels or text swatches. 

The Variation Swatches for Products plugin shows products in a better way that  isn’t available on default WooCommerce. 

9. C4D Woo Variation Images 

C4D WooCommerce Variation is an easy to use and straightforward WooCommerce  product variation plugin. You can show product variation items in images, colors,  and label with the help of this swatches plugin. 

Some features of this plugin: 

  • Enable attribute image swatches 
  • Create attribute color swatches 
  • Control attribute setting globally 
  • Create attribute label or text swatches 

The C4D Variation Images plugin will help your customers to select their products  easily. 

10. Product Variations Swatches for WooCommerce 

The final plugin on our list is Product Variations Swatches for WooCommerce. The plugin will allow you to display and select  attributes for variation products.

Some features of this plugin: 

  • Easily converts products variation to variation swatches 
  • Swatches type as Button, Color, Radio, etc. 
  • Customize to display a default swatch design pattern 
  • Customize the hover status 

Product Variations Swatches for WooCommerce helps customers to view the  products they need more visually. 

In Conclusion 

After checking out the plugin with the features, you can settle for one of the best  WooCommerce variation swatches plugins that we lined up for you. 

Get ready to enhance your online stores’ shopping experience and grow your sales.

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