Top WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2021

Elegant Themes

With nearly 438,000 satisfied customers with highly responsive themes and a powerful drag-and-drop page builder such as Divi, Elegant Themes is indeed one of the top WordPress blogs to follow. Not only will you learn all about the basics of WordPress, but you will also learn about the most popular and effective themes and plugins that you can use for your own blog. 

The blog also features other well-known bloggers such as Kevin Muldoon, Jacqueline Thomas, Brenda Barron and more. All that help under one roof should give you the inspiration you need to give your blog a better push. 

Digging into WordPress

This blog is based on the book of the same name ‘Digging Into WordPress’, co-authored by a team of WordPress pros, Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. While the book does provide complete information on how you can set up and customize your WordPress blog, the blog provides extra hints, tips, tricks, tutorials and code snippets among other resources to offer a more unique spin to your blog. 

The blog also announces free and exclusive (for book owners) WordPress updates and themes. The book has over 300 pages of content, but the blog has at least 400 posts of information and counting to this day. 


Do you want a better grasp of your WordPress web designing skills? Then MonsterPost is here to give you that boost and more. This is the official Template Monster blog which offers a plethora of solutions for WordPress designers, bloggers, developers, marketers and SEO-engineers. 

The blog also offers free WordPress themes and ebooks to enhance your blog’s appeal, visibility and user experience. The books cover a wide range of topics on design tips, hacks, web analytics, A/B testing and marketing strategies among others. 


The Yoast blog is one of the best blogs for technical users out there. It covers a variety of topics such as WordPress (obviously), as well as technical SEO, content SEO, Analytics, ecommerce and social media. The blog also serves as the knowledge base for the Yoast SEO plugin that help make websites more visible.

With Yoast, you will know how to attract online traffic to your site or blog, as well as boost your search engine result rankings. 


ThemeIsle is another great blog on themes for beginner and advanced WordPress users. You will find properly detailed and simple tutorials and reviews on all the popular WordPress themes available, as well as basic guides and news on setting up WordPress websites, blogs. 

You will also find specific articles on specific aspects, such as how to optimize WordPress images, add recipes to WordPress without code and plenty more. 

Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud might not sound much, but its purpose is just right for this list of top blogs to follow. It is a blog that consists of 92% practical tips on how users can earn money from their blogs. You will learn all about inbound marketing in order to increase traffic, brand value and sales. 

There are also free video guides and tutorials that help in setting up or improving your blog and WordPress hosting. You can also reach out to other members of the WordPress community who will be more than happy to exchange their knowledge and experience with you. 

WP Eka

WP Eka has everything you want to learn about WordPress and more. It also includes tutorials, tips, guides and insights about web design, digital marketing and SEO. WP Eka also provides users with the latest and breaking WordPress news and reviews of themes, plugins, books, coupons and freebies. 

If that’s not enough for you, then you’ll be delighted to know that we also interviews of long-time professionals, contributors, fanatics and other WordPress enthusiasts. 


As the name suggests, ManageWP focuses largely on building the most successful website management service. However, it has grown and diversified to post in-dept tutorials, guides and reviews on anything that has to do with WordPress from development, to business, tips and tricks. 


Whether you’re new or a pro, WPShout can give you the complete rundown on WordPress development. This includes extensively worded articles, detailed courses, quick guides, tutorials, tools and videos. Add that to the fact that you can set up and optimize your WordPress sites and blogs. 

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