Top 13 Tools Every Writer Must Have (Best Tool Ever)

Tools Every Writer Must Have

Do you want to know what are the best writing tools?

Writing is a fulfilling occupation, one that gives us a creative outlet. Anyone with good language skills can be a good writer, and the industry is easy to penetrate. 

In this guide, we’ll tell you the top 13 tools every writer must have.

Tools to Make You a Great Writer

Those days are gone when a writer’s tools meant notebooks, pens, and reading glasses. In the digital era, the modern writer must keep up with technology. Today’s article explores cutting-edge tools, apps, and resources a writer must utilize daily.

Writing Apps

Writers must get the best word processors to write and format their masterpieces. Here are some of the best in the market. 

Google Docs 

Google Docs is a robust yet simplistic online word processor. You can use your browser to use this writing software which also provides collaboration, versioning, and organization features. Moreover, Google’s cloud-saving feature allows you to access your documents anywhere. 

Reedsy Book Editor 

Reedsy’s book editor is a free online tool for professional authors. The best feature of this word processor is that it formats your draft into a ready-to-publish book as you write. Great for self-publishing authors, this software comes with a spell-checker and in-built goal reminder features. Additionally, you can instantly export your work to PDF or EPUB files. 


Draft is a Google Docs alternative with a no-frills interface. This writing tool is an excellent option for individuals who want to keep track of their daily word count via email reminders. Also, you get collaboration and version control features free of cost. 


Are you a fan of free software? Get your hands on the most reliable Microsoft Office alternative. Yes, it is LibreOffice. The software is a classic offline word processor which will take care of all your writing needs. It supports all popular file formats such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, and .pptx, etc.

Editing Software

Whether you write web articles or novels, editing occupies a vital part of your daily workflow. Thus, using the best tools can save time and supercharge your productivity. These are our top picks: 


Grammarly is an industry-standard tool that helps you fix your grammatical errors and offers instant suggestions about your writing tone, clarity, delivery, engagement, and readability. Grammarly can be a blessing if you are prone to making typos. Furthermore, this freemium software has mobile apps and browser plugins, apart from the good old web editor, which makes it so easy to use. 

Hemingway App 

Hemingway web app is an entirely free alternative to Grammarly that doesn’t require you to sign in. The app highlights passive voice usage, adverbs, and qualifiers and suggests rephrasing long phrases. Hemingway’s prose suggestions, combined with the word counter and auto readability score, make it a potent tool for checking your written piece.

Content Mapping Tools

Outlining a given writing project is a surefire way to complete it successfully. These are some feature-rich tools to help you along the way: 


Evernote is a note-taking app whose powerful features help you to have a big picture view of your entire project. Multi-device support, the syncing feature, and the rugged folder structure of Evernote makes it a must-have for content writers. 


Milanote is a freemium tool for story writers which helps you organize your characters, plot points, ideas, and story research all in one place. Outlining with Milanote’s user-friendly editor is a breeze. Best for novelists and plot writers, this software encourages non-linear, complex thinking to produce outstanding compositions.

Essential Resources

The following tools are the absolute requirements of any professional writer: 

Online Dictionary 

A reputable online dictionary is something you can’t help but have. We recommend Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries, Collins Online Dictionary, and Merriam Webster. 


The supplemental vocabulary tools you need to incorporate into your workflow are WordHippo and The latter has a sister website called, which can also come in handy. 

Encrypted Proxy 

Writing entails lots of research work and visiting multiple websites every day. It can expose you to malicious websites, viruses, and MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) attacks. For this reason, you should invest in a super fast encrypted proxy that will improve your surfing experience and make you more secure on the web.

Productivity Tools

Writer’s block is a real thing. To overcome it, you need to make writing a daily habit. These tools can help you achieve just that: 


This free checklist app can help you set realistic writing goals and deadlines to help you achieve them faster. is a Pomodoro timer web app that motivates you to write for 25 minutes straight with a 5 minutes break between sessions. It is a great way to get productive.

Conclusion: Tools Every Writer Must Have

These are the top tools to help improve a professional writer’s workflow and productivity. So, get organized and set yourself up for excellent performance.

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