5 Effective ways to get more subscribers to Your WordPress Website

how to increase blog subscribers wordpress

Over the recent years, there have been countless digital improvements in every nook and corner of the world.

Notwithstanding, email marketing is as yet considered among the best and most effective approaches to acquire more deals for a WordPress business site. 

Whenever done effectively, email has the potential not exclusively to bring in new clients. But also to stimulate repeat buys from the past purchasers.

Obviously, regardless of how extraordinary your email content set up is, it’s futile if you scarcely have any subscribers. Thus, getting more subscribers is essential. So how to increase subscribers?

This part can be very critical. In any case, with a couple of successful strategies and the best WordPress email plugins set up, it tends to be a set-it-and-forget-it kind of work.

So do increased subscribers bring in more traffic? How to increase traffic on your site?

Your WordPress site might be the superstar. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few other keen marketing tactics you can use to draw in your crowd.

Investing efforts into your email marketing endeavors is a surefire approach to catch email addresses and attract more people to your WordPress site.

Before getting into the effective ways to gain more subscribers, let us understand the basic

What does a subscriber mean to your website?

A subscriber is somebody who joins your site to get news on future deliveries or updates distributed on your blog.

Commonly, guests are allowed an opportunity to pick in when they land on the greeting pages of your site.

The opportunities to gain more subscribers arrive when these guests can see your skill, and understand that you are offering esteem in return for their email address.

Why do you want to gain more subscribers?

Basically, email subscribers are significant because they can be your possible clients. Be that as it may, whenever individuals have added to your email membership, you must keep them drawn in using consistent emails.

This is your opportunity to snare them with your contributions. If you’ve launched a digital book, it is an extraordinary chance to send it to the subscribers.

You can likewise adopt a clear strategy and proposition a discount to supporters who join before the item’s dispatch. 

Then, let us look at the approaches to get more subscribers to your website, whether you are launching another product or brand.

5 effective ways to get more subscribers

It will not be simple, and it will presumably require some time and effort. In any case, if you’ve made the speculation, it will pay off with a constant flow of exceptionally targeted subscribers.

Allow us to begin with the compelling approaches to acquire more subscribers for your WordPress site.

Build unique lead magnets for every post

Let us assume you have ten posts you need to concentrate on in your WordPress blog site. It very well may be simpler to simply make a free guide or digital book and afterward use it on each of the ten. 

Build unique lead magnets for every post

Or, on the other hand, make distinct incentives for each post. Why? Since when you do this, each lead magnet will intently take after the subject of your post.

If a blog post shares the ten best WordPress email subscription plugins, you can give a gift guide with 7 or 8 additional plugins.

Or even a brief guide on how to add email subscriptions. Something related. 

Lead magnets are such motivations that straight away engages with the requirements of individuals who read your articles and will get you more subscribers.

When one of your most well-known posts is about generating repeat purchases, make a giveaway around that subject.

If another revolves around getting more qualified leads, make a gift that is related to lead generation.

If one of your well-known posts is all about getting more WordPress website subscribers, make a lead magnet on that.

Show your perusers how you utilize the free analytics tool to diminish bounce rates. Show them how you manage the information you get (country explicit details, search phrases, referrals, and so on)

Concerning thoughts on what to make, take a gander at your posts’ titles and the subheadings.

Say you have created one detailed post and that becomes well known out of the lot. Then, as opposed to making one motivating force for it, make more. 

For instance, a checklist to help your perusers execute what you educate in your post.

One more lead magnet could associate with industry-explicit details. So they know how they are prospering contrasted with the opposition.

There are a lot of WordPress plugins out there that help create beautiful lead magnets.

Include more links to the posts through guest posting

Do you get more subscribers through guest posting?


Let us say that you are contributing an article to another site.  You are at freedom to interface out to a post on your own site.

So the crowd of the site you create articles for if they like your post, will click and get back to your site to discover more about you and your content.

Furthermore, it is there on your site that you welcome them to join your subscription list. A free digital book or e-course incentive functions admirably in a ton of cases.

Drop a hint about the gift in your author bio. So when somebody navigates to your site they are taken straightforwardly to a page or post where they can subscribe and buy in. 

Reach out to the crowd of different websites by contributing articles to them. Most website admins are glad to share quality guest posts and links out to yours.

A portion of individuals who read your article and like it, will follow you back to your site and join your email list if you give the right motivating force. For example, checklist, coupon code, guide, and so forth.

Publishing quality posts on quality websites likewise has the impact of improved rankings on search engines.

Say you connect to a specific well-known post on your site from guest posts you write out there. Its ranking will develop over the long haul and you will get more organic traffic from Google.

This implies more individuals will see your post. Your post will rank for additional search phrases. The post will turn out to be more famous and more perusers will choose to join your email list.

In any case, before you go out there searching for websites to guest post on, take a gander at the search phrases your posts are positioning for first.

Out of your best ten posts, you would then be able to choose to begin guest posts linking to one or a few more posts. This is where you have the most possibility to position on page top 10 listing of Google.

Now, go out there, discover guest post chances. Connect back to your posts and stand by half a month/months as your posts move up the rankings and you begin getting increased organic traffic.

Additionally, exploit internal links. Connect to your well-known posts a few times from your other established posts.

Use exit-intent popup

Use exit-intent popup

Exit popups have demonstrated their worth in the marketing space because of the genuine effect on the guests.

An organization that puts resources into exit popups will see an expansion in their income and can convert the majority of the clients who were thinking to leave. 

An exit popup is an advertisement that the guests see when the framework distinguishes that they are going to leave the site.

The framework is very savvy and decides when the guest is going to leave, and afterward present the popup. 

So how does an exit popup work?

Today, if you rapidly move the mouse to the upper left corner of your screen, along the back button, a site can detect you are leaving. And immediately, it will show the popup utilizing Javascript.

These advertisements are called exit-intent popups. They are absolutely incredible and very much planned tools in a marketer’s strategy.

While they look like popups of the past, they are something else altogether, whenever utilized effectively.

Here is a brief look at what all you can do with exit popups:

  • You can personalize the advertisement for every guest 
  • It’s the last chance to arrive at a client that may bounce eternally. 
  • You can utilize these advertisements to fragment a crowd of people 
  • The advertisements can help an advertiser arrive at one of the numerous objectives: minimize cart abandonment, get email subscriptions, boost downloads, and so on.

Contact us page

Next up in line is the specialty of the contact us page and the significance of forms on your web page.

There is clearly a scarce difference between such a large number of inquiries on your sign-up form and insufficient information to assist guests with settling on future choices.

Fortunately, there is an approach to track down that perfect balance with some incredible plugins. 

A form builder permits you to make custom forms for your site before even launching your website. It can assist you with building one of the main pages of your site.

This contact page is a fundamental prerequisite before launch. Since it permits you to find how individuals are reacting to your products.

Marketers around consistently use forms to get supporters and gain experiences in their crowd. Moreover, few say that forms are the most noteworthy approach to generate leads.

Strangely, they additionally discovered that five form fields allow you the best opportunity to draw in new leads. 

Note that this works out in a good way past client inquiries and demands. Your contact page will be the place where prospect partners go if they need to work at cross-promotional material, guest posts, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Include more Opt-in Forms

Popup forms for the most part convert the best. So to boost the frequency individuals are finding your sign-up forms and subscribe, you most likely will utilize the lightbox component.

However, at that point, there are more chances to settle for more email subscribers. Furthermore, they come as the other diverse opt-in form types. 

Include more Opt-in Forms

Other than regular popup forms, one can utilize notification bars, slide-in opt-in forms, sidebar forms, floating bars, and many among different sorts of structures.

Exploit every one of these.

Include signup forms. Add them toward the finish of your famous posts. You can use buttons or links that trigger forms when clicked.

Test the different kinds of forms and see what turns out best for you. Exclude the opt-in forms that don’t convert well.

So more space is committed to signup forms that are confident to grab the eye of your perusers. 

Your best forms will then be endeavoring to get more individuals perusing your famous posts to become email subscribers.

The Wrap

There’s no question that email marketing is one of the main things you need to check out before launching a new business. There are approaches to dominate this method.

However, it sets aside an effort to fabricate and keep up with email lists. 

One of the saddest aspects of marketing is trusting that the information will come in. It very well may be a test to push forward in case you don’t know whether your business plan is working.

As your business blooms and you reveal more information, you will be undeniably bound to round up a lot of subscribers and see achievement in your new organization. 

Reward Tip: 

Gaining more subscribers implies knowing what your clients need. For this, A/B testing or split testing is an important tool.

A/B testing is a circumstance when you run at least two marketing approaches simultaneously and measure the information on your campaign as it comes in.

This assists you with understanding which one was more fruitful. So you can run a greater amount of what works and keeps on expanding income. 

You can construct two distinct campaigns and see which one performs better with your current crowd. Let us say that you discover something that may be offering a digital book rather than an offer that pulls in more subscribers.

Then, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to follow up on the aftereffects of your A/B testing. 

The key is to realize what sorts of offers, promotions, and content draws in your crowd to become subscribers. You should begin discovering what your clients like.

So you can push that sort of offer and get more individuals to pursue your mailing list before you even launch your brand.

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