8 Common eCommerce Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

common ecommerce marketing mistakes

Do not assume that just because you’ve started an eCommerce website (even if it’s made with WooCommerce), you are all set to make a huge profit out of it on the fly. In fact, even long-time eCommerce sites struggle to keep their business afloat at times. This is because they end up making the most common and basic of eCommerce marketing mistakes. 

You can eventually fix these problems, but it won’t be after a long time. By then, your reputation might be so tarnished that it will be difficult to win your audience’s trust again. That’s where this article comes in to provide you with an immediate solution to some of the most common eCommerce marketing flaws encountered from time to time. 

Common eCommerce Marketing Mistakes

Not Using SEO for Your Store

If you want your website to be noticed by your visitors, then you have to optimize it for Google and other leading search engines like Bing and Yahoo. If you don’t do this, you could miss out on plenty of potential traffic for your website. 

To optimize your WooCommerce store, you need to find and use appropriate keywords for your homepage as well as product pages. I would suggest looking for keywords that are highly relevant with your brand and product. 

Use Google’s free AdWords Keyword tool to find keywords that have a high local match search volume. You can also use Moz’s keyword tool to look for keywords with a low difficulty score. 

Do not choose keywords that are very competitive as doing so will give your website a high bounce rate and low conversion, which in turn could take you a very long time to achieve higher rankings. 

Not Having a Proper ‘About Us’ Page

Not having a proper ‘About Us’ page is one of the biggest eCommerce marketing mistakes to make. This is because an ‘About Us’ page is one of the most frequently visited pages online. Although there is not much info to include, it is important that you know how to construct this page. 

In the opening passage of your ‘About Us’ page, you need to convince your audience that your website is the place that addresses their wants and needs. You can also present certain facts such as client retention rate to the number of products you sell each month to sweeten the deal. 

You can also include some customer testimonials, photos, timelines, infographics or videos to give your brand and business more credibility. Don’t forget to tell your audience about your company’s history, like the date when your business was established and the progress you made to get where you are today. 

Lastly include your company’s address and contact information and be sure to add in a bit of what your employees, family members and friends think of your business as well. 

Not Relying on Social Media

Social media is the king of modern advertising and marketing and neglecting it is a catastrophic mistake for your eCommerce store. Promoting your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest will invite potential traffic over to your WooCommerce store. 

These platforms give you several tools to showcase your products and services in various kinds of content such as long or short videos, posts, tweets, pictures, GIFs, and more. What’s more, is that your customers can ask questions regarding your products and services to which you have to answer right there and then. This builds trust, strong relationships, and makes your customers feel important. 

Not Using Retargeting

You might be confident in your present marketing techniques, but there are chances of abandoned carts in your ecommerce store every once in awhile. This is when a customer or two just leave in a middle of a purchase for months without coming back to finish it. 

This is where you have to rely on the method of retargeting. It is a simple process of reaching out to the customer who abandoned their carts through their email address, contact number or social media signup and send them a small friendly reminder to complete their purchase. As a result, you will have converted those visitors into potential customers. 

Not Having Dedicated Customer Support

If your customer has questions regarding your store’s product or service without anyone to address them, then your business has failed. The customer’s needs come first and a quality customer support team is the best answer for this. 

Therefore, you must be sure that your website has a live customer support section in which customers leave all of their important queries for you to look into. This way, you can make further adjustments to your sales and orders to better cater your business to your audience. In the end, your customers will feel appreciated, which will further strengthen your connection with them. 

Ignoring Mobile Approach

With mobile internet users overtaking even those of desktop users, it would not make any sense to ignore the mobile-first approach at all. In fact, doing so will not only make you lose potential quality leads, but also potential sales. 

Hence, it is highly crucial that you ensure your website’s design is 100% responsive by testing its loading speed and interface on your desktop and mobile device browsers. 

Having a Slow Loading Website

This is perhaps one of the biggest, if not the biggest ecommerce marketing mistake that you could possibly make. A slow-loading website is the bane of today’s ecommerce business as it results in high bounce rates, low conversion rates and a drop in search engine rankings. 

For this, I recommend using the page speed extension for your WooCommerce store. Not only will it give you a fast-loading website, but it also provides excellent customer support and understands customer needs. 

Not Using Product Reviews

No customer would ever be sure about purchasing a product that not only lacks in the proper description but also reviews from other customers. It would give customers the impression that you might be running a shady business. 

Be sure to encourage your most loyal customers to write good reviews about your products on product pages. By having product reviews show up on search engine results, your search engine rankings will improve. 

Choosing the Wrong Ecommerce Platform

An ecommerce website is only as good as the platform it was made on. A bad ecommerce platform could end up giving you a slow-loading website, filled with viral-contaminated plugins or themes. 

Look into different popular eCommerce platforms online and sign up for their trial program before you make your final decision. I recommend using WooCommerce as it is a flexible design with a robust community. 


If you want your eCommerce website to look and perform on a professional level, and increase eCommerce traffic, then you must avoid making all of the mistakes mentioned in this article. Upon doing that, you will solidify the trust of your customers on a long-term basis and have better sales as the years go by. If there are other flaws that I failed to highlight, do right them down in the comments below for me to consider them. 

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